Thursday, 8 September 2016

Seven mysteries in Norwegian geology - 08/09/2016

Seven mysteries in Norwegian geology

Science develops as long as there are mysteries that keep some researchers engaged. Fridtjof Riis, senior geologist at the NPD, describes seven of these mysteries.

Sometimes, our observations may seem not to have a good explanation, or perhaps they are in stark contrast to prevailing hypotheses. You and your colleagues might be in profound disagreement regarding an interpretation or an explanation.

Sometimes it is tempting to think that it might not be so important to find explanations for everything. For example, there is no assurance that we can bring in more revenue for the State if we have a better understanding of why there are mountains in Norway.

But there is no way back for one who has adopted this mystery as their very own: They may well call you a nerd, but it is engrained in your very nature that you have to contribute to finding explanations before you can achieve peace of mind.

Throughout my career as a professional geologist, I have had the privilege of working up-close on a number of geological mysteries – some of them classical, others from more recent ages. This series of articles provides an introduction to seven of my favourites.

In this first article about mountain plants, I have benefited from the botanical expertise of Kristine Bakke Westergaard.

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