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Have your say on the key issues facing the energy industry - 09/05/2016

Have your say on the key issues facing the energy industry

POWER-GEN Europe launches second annual ‘state of the power industry’ survey

POWER-GEN Europe and its co-located event Renewable Energy World Europe, the leading conference and exhibition for the international power and renewable industries, today invites industry professionals to give their thoughts on the issues that matter to them as part of the annual POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index.

This comprehensive pan-European report, gives a voice to the industry, assists in strategic decision making and gives unique insight into the continent’s power sector.

Speaking to the industry, Nigel Blackaby, Conference Director for POWER-GEN Europe, says: “The Confidence Index gives you – the power industry professional – the opportunity to make your voice heard. Every opinion is valuable. The survey results will provide executives with valuable insights to make informed decisions about the best approaches, technologies and strategies going forward.”

Over 700 participants expressed their opinion and influenced energy industry decision-makers last year – including participants from Advanced Power, Exxon Mobil, Siemens and GE.

The Index revealed that professionals saw the growing share of renewables in the energy mix as the most important issue facing the European power sector in the short term. The issue slipped to second place, behind energy storage, as the forecast expanded to 20 years.

30 per cent of those that downloaded the 2015 Index stated that it was to ‘assist in making strategic decisions about their European business.
70 per cent used the Index to ‘gain insights into the European power market’.

This year’s Index results will allow the industry to begin tracking trends in industry confidence, and to compare changes year-on-year.

Blackaby continues: “The POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index is unique because it voices the collective opinions of power industry professionals themselves, above those of independent analysts and forecasters. This makes it truly grounded and a valuable guide to the future of our industry.”

Have your say on the sector and share your vision for the future – complete the online comprehensive questionnaire – on the POWER-GEN Europe website.

As an alternative to the online survey, you can also complete the questionnaire at POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe in Milan from 21st to 23rd June, where there will be a dedicated Confidence Index booth 4HA57 on the exhibition floor.

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