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UK Flowmeter specialist Litre Meter ( has launched a new, state-of-the-art lightweight flow indication display. Unlike other similar instruments, however, this device is unique – it is 2-wire, suitable for hazardous areas, HART compatible and has a 316 stainless steel enclosure, meaning it is likely to become a very popular application in the oil and gas industries, particularly for chemical injection systems.

One of the Smallest Flow Displays on the Market
The newly-launched application is the latest iteration of Litre Meter’s FlowPod; but measuring in at just two thirds of its predecessor’s diameter, this new model has instantly become one of the smallest flow displays available.

It isn’t just the size that’s changed – the new, compact model includes a range of additional functions, due to high demand from existing users of the earlier model. It can now display flow rate, total flow and analog rate. Plus, the new backlit display – which features high contrast ratio large flow rate indication and totalizer indication – means users can easily check the reading even at distance and in poor light conditions.

The model’s display features now include a five-digit rate display which gives the real time flow rate, flow range usage, plus the option to display flowrates and totals in multiple units. Its removable memory card allows for custom programming, and it includes 4-20 mA, HART, and pulse outputs as standard.

Non-Intrusive Calibration
There is no need to remove the FlowPod from where it is installed when switching calibration modes – the new FlowPod comes with data logging capabilities, which enable recalibration to be tailored to the actual working flow rate of the meter. This also helps users to avoid difficult on-site calibration curve changes.

Of course, all FlowPods are calibrated at the factory – for field recalibration, most customers will be able to use a HART programmer, or remove the memory card and use a laptop. Where this isn’t possible, the integrated magnetic switches allow for simple programming and menu selection, meaning it can be programmed without even powering down.

Slim, Flexible, Improved & Approved
The new FlowPod is housed in a slim, four-inch diameter stainless steel enclosure, and can be directly mounted to the flowmeter, or remote-mounted using suitable armoured signal cable or conduit. It can be adjusted to any angle, and its casing is explosion proof, and approved by ATEX, IECEx and CSA (USA & Can).

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