Monday, 10 August 2015



Leading industrial technology specialist Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey group, announced the launch of the ObservaTM radiation area monitoring system. ObservaTM is the latest ground breaking innovation from Tracerco that measures radiation dose rates and helps ensure radiation safety and source security.

With more than fifty years experience in producing industry-leading detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions, ObservaTM is one of the latest innovations from Tracerco. Combining several unique technological features, including the wall-mounted alarm unit, ObservaTM is ideal for use by the oil and gas industry, the nuclear industry, hospital x-ray facilities and in non-destructive testing environments.

Plug and play probes allow for simple installation, whilst the large, clear interface and sub menus make the device easy to set up and use. ObservaTM gives live radiation dose rate readings from multiple detectors simultaneously, makig it the perfect system for use in larger sites.

ObservaTM is also available with unique software; the email and SMS alarm updates allow the user to have complete control over radiation safety standards and overall source security. Site floor plans can be uploaded into the embedded software module, complete with drag and drop detector positioning. Hence, it can be personalised to suit the user’s needs.

The ObservaTM system can be accessed remotely, making it particularly suited to off-site monitoring. It also provides recent radiation data history, giving the operator clear evidence of safe working environments in the event of any incidents requiring investigation.

The device can also be supplied with ObservaTM 24/7, a 24 hour monitoring system which ensures that any alarm communication and data logging is secure 24/7 and not susceptible to the instability problems which can affect desktop computers. ObservaTM also runs a back-up power supply, so monitoring remains constant even in the event of a power cut.

Tracerco managing director Andy Hurst said: “Our key focus for our new ObservaTM fixed area monitoring is to help our customers combat potential radiation risks in line with the ongoing regulatory drive for safer working practices. We have also designed it to enhance radioisotope security, providing early warning of unintended or illicit movements and so allowing a rapid response to unauthorised activities.

ObservaTM is the latest in a long line of innovative technologies from Tracerco. The award-winning company revolutionised radiation monitoring when it developed the first ever intrinsically safe contamination and radiation monitor, and most recently it extended its range of Personal Dosimeters.

Tracerco provides a comprehensive aftersales service with a global network of over 30 service centres providing a world-class service. The company also offers a wide range of radiation monitors for hire.

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