Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Chapman Freeborn targets Aberdeen energy market for on board courier expansion - 22/07/2015

Chapman Freeborn targets Aberdeen energy market for on board courier expansion

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has announced the further expansion of its global on board courier (OBC) business with the launch of a new Aberdeen-based hand-carry team dedicated to serving the North Sea energy market.

The company – which also works with freight forwarders and multinational corporations providing aircraft charter services worldwide – has strengthened its local product offering in response to growing demand for time-critical shipments.

Jamie Evans, Chapman Freeborn’s sales manager for energy related services, says:

“With existing cargo charter clients regularly asking us for on board courier services it was a logical step to permanently base an OBC team in Aberdeen. It means we can now provide the full range of services – whether the client is looking to move a 1kg component by courier or a 100-ton piece of drilling equipment by charter.”

Chapman Freeborn’s OBC service provides door-to-door transportation solutions to connect businesses to markets worldwide - with dedicated hand-carry couriers accompanying shipments every step of the way.

The company manages all of the details for the urgent shipment, from flight bookings to entry requirements and customs regulations, anywhere in the world.

Available around the clock, the company’s fully insured and trained hand-carry couriers possess passports and visas for countries that are traditionally difficult to access. 

Alex Berry, global sales and marketing director, adds:

“Chapman Freeborn’s OBC service is different to other express models because the cargo isn’t being passed around or moving from warehouse to warehouse, with the added risks of being misplaced. Until they invent teleportation there really isn’t a quicker way of delivering a time-critical item from A to B.”

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