Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Oxand Interview: Wells Risk Management - 26/05/2015

Oxand Interview: Wells Risk Management 

‘Carrying out inspections and interventions can prove quite costly especially in the current market’ says Ali Mirza, Oxand Group’s lead consultant engineer.

In a two page exclusive, DecomWorld interviewed Ali to understand the industry’s need for implementing a risk based inspection/intervention strategy to ensure safety and cost effectiveness.

Check out the full article here to develop a robust risk management strategy: http://bit.ly/1FB8Jx9

The interview will help you :
•    Learn of Oxand’s Well Integrity Risk Assessment Process (WIRAP) for ageing wells to ensure safety and make risk informed operational decisions
•    Understand risk-based approach and use different techniques, such as Functional Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis, to thoroughly assess the risks to your wells
•    Identify critical components and failure scenarios to prioritise and optimise inspection/intervention plans

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