Tuesday, 19 May 2015



Shortly after Reflex Marine was granted certification by the Mexican Merchant Marines to sell their personnel transfer device in Mexico, the first unit is now operational in the region. The Mexican Merchant Marines have final authorisation over all equipment operating in Mexican waters.

Reflex Marine is a global leader in safe personnel transfer solutions in the oil and gas industry, with a leading range of transfer devices that ensure crew are transferred safely and efficiently to and from offshore installations.

The six person transfer device, the FROG-6, was purchased by Olympic Shipping AS, an offshore shipping company, located in Fosnavaag, Norway, for use on their accommodation vessel, the MPSV Olympic Triton. The FROG-6 is being used to transfer Triton’s crew to and from other crew boats and supply vessels working on the Cantarell oil field in the Gulf of Mexico.

Olympic Triton’s Captain Martin Eysturdal, who has been using the FROG since the beginning of February 2015, said: “As the master of the vessel, my concern will always be the safety of my crew. I am confident that every operation is performed safely and efficiently, knowing that we have a device that I can rely on 100 percent. The general feedback I have received from our employees, and other personnel that have been transferred using the FROG, has been very positive - especially the feeling of comfort and safety during the transfer.”

Reflex Marine’s regional partner is GINEMEX, who have over twenty-five years of experience in mechanical repairs and maintenance of offshore equipment, such as cranes, winches and pumps. The two companies have been working very closely in order to ensure that Olympic Shipping AS receive any support they need to integrate the FROG into their operations.

The FROG-6 provides extensive protection from the four key risks of transfer including falling, collision, heavy landings and immersion. The buoyancy panels provide self-righting and floatation in the unlikely event of immersion in water. These panels are coupled with a stainless steel frame, shielding passengers from side impacts, whilst the polymer foam shock absorbing landing feet help to reduce vertical impacts. The FROG-6 seats are also mounted on coil springs combined with gas dampers to protect passengers from heavy landings. The device has quick release three-point harnesses that enhance passenger safety, comfort, exit and offer additional protection from falling. Secondary backup lifting assembly is provided in the case of lifting redundancy. The FROG-6 also has a MedEvac capability allowing the device to accommodate a stretcher for moving casualties safely.

Following the energy bill that was passed in Mexico in December 2013, international companies now have access to deep-water oil and gas supplies in Mexican waters, previously only allowed for the state owned oil and gas company, PEMEX. As a result the potential for the introduction of the FROG-6 has expanded and it can now be used on all vessels operating in Mexican waters. Reflex Marine is now determined to increase safety standards in the region.

Rebecca Loto, Reflex Marine Sales Manager for Mexico said: “The first FROG-6 being sold into Mexico is a huge achievement for both Reflex Marine and GINEMEX. I am confident that whoever buys a FROG-6 will experience and value the superior safety benefits that the FROG-6 offers over a rope basket alternative. This is an exciting time for us and we are looking forward to seeing both Mexican and foreign companies using the FROG-6 to provide safe transfers for their crew.”

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