Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Introducing ‘Inside Oil & Gas and You’ - 29/04/2015

Introducing ‘Inside Oil & Gas and You’  

Do you want to get to know Inside Oil & Gas a little bit better and you have a few minutes to spare? 

You do? Great!

Well, just for you, we have put together a short video about Inside Oil & Gas which includes information about the magazine, such as the sectors we cover, our target readership and global outreach. The video also affords you a little insight into the inner workings of the company. 

So grab you crackers and cut yourself a slice of corporate Inside Oil & Gas cheese! Sit back, indulge (not too much!), take it in, and hopefully when it’s finished, you’ll want to know more. Our contact details are below. Please get in touch with us; whether it’s to get your company featured in an upcoming edition, to request a media pack, or to sign up to a subscription (digital subscription is free!). 

Our helpful and friendly staff will listen to your marketing requirements and create packages that best suit your needs; be it articles, advertisements, industry news or social media. 
Find out for yourself how Inside Oil & Gas can help your company connect, be it Upstream or Downstream with one voice!

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