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Martin Landrø receives the IOR award in 2014 - 29/08/2014

Martin Landrø receives the IOR award in 2014

Martin Landrø has been given the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s (NPD’s) IOR award for his work on developing 4D seismic for mapping, production management and monitoring of reservoirs.
Landrø is a professor of geophysics and seismic at the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Director General Bente Nyland presented the award to Landrø during an event at ONS in Stavanger today.
Director General Bente Nyland presented the award to Landrø during an event at ONS in Stavanger today.

Martin Landrø is internationally recognised for his contributions to the development of 4D seismic. “Time-lapse” or 4D seismic makes it possible to compare results from seismic 3D surveys carried out with time intervals, for example before a field starts producing, compared with various stages of the production phase. Time is the fourth dimension.
"It is a great honour to receive the NPD’s IOR award. I was entirely unprepared when Director General Bente Nyland called," says Martin Landrø.
The technology makes it possible to see changes in the reservoir over time, and the data can provide information on local pressure changes and changes in the saturation of oil, gas and water.
This information is used to find the best targets for new wells, and to achieve the best possible production and recovery from the field.
“There is no question about Landrø’s integral role in this development. He was one of the pioneers behind the use of 4D seismic on the Gullfaks field in the North Sea,” says Director General Bente Nyland.
“He has also contributed to the application of the technology on many other fields on the Norwegian shelf.”
“Statoil estimates that use of 4D seismic on the Gullfaks field has generated value creation of NOK 6 billion. Value creation generated by 4D seismic is estimated to total more than NOK 22 billion over the last 10 years. (Source: Storting White Paper 28 (2010 – 2011), pg. 55 An industry for the future –  the Norway' petroleum activities)
4D seismic is also used to monitor reservoirs where CO2 is stored to detect potential leaks.
Landrø has a master of science from NTH (Norwegian Institute of Technology) from 1983, and earned a dr. scient. degree in physics in 1986. His scientific career started in 1986, while he was working for SERES, which was a major research collaboration within use of seismic data.
From 1993 to 1996, he worked as a researcher in SINTEF Petroleum, and from 1996 to 1998, he worked as a geophysicist in Statoil. Landrø has also been a visiting professor at the Colorado School of Mines in the US (2005-2006).
Landrø was the project coordinator for the EU research project ATLASS (Analysis of Time LapSe Seismic data). From 2005 to 2009, he was the project leader for a Research Council of Norway project for analysis for four-dimensional seismic data (PETROMAKS).
From 2009 and up to 2013, he headed a research project on improved mapping and monitoring of oil reservoirs.
Since Landrø started working at NTNU 1999, he has advised 77 master students and has been an adviser and co-adviser for 21 doctorate students. He is described as a skilled and inspiring lecturer who helps spread important knowledge to newly qualified engineers.
Martin Landrø has received a number of awards, both for his scientific work and for his ability to inspire and communicate. He has an extensive list of publications, and has given a number of presentations in and outside Norway.

Gazprom Kyrgyzstan to provide reliable gas supply to Kyrgyz Republic - 29/08/2014

Gazprom Kyrgyzstan to provide reliable gas supply to Kyrgyz Republic

As part of a working visit of the Gazprom delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic, a meeting between Gazprom's Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller and Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev took place in Bishkek today.
Gazprom Kyrgyzstan to provide reliable gas supply to Kyrgyz Republic
During the meeting
The parties addressed the main cooperation issues in the oil and gas sector and noted that Gazprom's entry into the Kyrgyz gas market was a guarantee of uninterrupted gas supply to Kyrgyz consumers. In this regard, the meeting discussed Gazprom Kyrgyzstan's intentions to extensively develop and upgrade gas transmission facilities across the Republic. A focus was placed on the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan.
Gazprom Kyrgyzstan to provide reliable gas supply to Kyrgyz Republic
Vitaly Markelov and Alexey Miller at the meeting
The participants looked into Gazprom's plans to conduct exploration activities in the Kugart and Eastern Mailu-Suu IV blocks, as well as the Company's involvement in the development of the Kyrgyz wholesale and retail refined products market.
Gazprom Kyrgyzstan to provide reliable gas supply to Kyrgyz Republic
Little village in mountains, Kyrgyzstan
Alexey Miller also met today with Kyrgyz Prime Minister Djoomart Otorbaev. The parties addressed, among other things, the issues related to the Republic's preparations for the forthcoming autumn/winter period.

Drill Rigs Move Into Dejour's Kokopelli Project Eight Well 2014 Program Includes Mancos Test - 29/08/2014

Drill Rigs Move Into Dejour's Kokopelli ProjectEight Well 2014 Program Includes Mancos Test

VANCOUVER, British Columbia August 27, 2014 -- Dejour Energy Inc. (NYSE MKT: DEJ / TSX: DEJ) (“Dejour” or the “Company”), an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company operating in North America's Piceance Basin and Peace River Arch regions, announces that 2014 development operations are underway at the Kokopelli Project (“Kokopelli’).

The new drill pad 21B has been completed including gas connection (please refer to our website for media) and drill pad 21A has been augmented to accommodate the drilling, equipping and utility of a water disposal well that will prove a significant economy to existing water disposal arrangements.

A Peter Martin ’conductor’ rig  is engaged to complete the ’rat holes’ with 20” casing for eight new production wells and one water disposal well prior to the Frontier-28 rig moving in for sequential total depth drilling operations in mid-September.

The 2014 drill program is focused on developing significant new production from the liquids-rich Williams Fork formation (based at 8400’) and testing for production from the Mancos reservoir, in particular, the commerciality of deep Niobrara strata (estimated to base at 12,750’).

As previously reported, Dejour is fully carried for 25% of the first US$16 million in expenditures to maintain its 25% working interest in the Kokopelli Project. The final project budget (authorities for expenditure) should be completed shortly.

 “We are pleased with this drill program profile at Kokopelli, as we anticipate the advent of large volumes of new gas, condensate and NGL production moving into well contracted sales lines during the peak seasonal commodity pricing regime. This production ramp, combined with the opportunity to test and produce the high pressure, rich Niobrara strata of the Mancos this season, makes this drill program by far the most important for Dejour to date. A successful campaign is expected to contribute significantly to the expansion of Dejour’s PDP reserve value and production base, further de-risk the engineering profile and improve project economics. Dejour is now poised to see Kokopelli become a significant liquids-rich multi zonal producing field,” states Robert L. Hodgkinson, Chairman and CEO.

ExxonMobil - Advancing Productivity with HOCNF-Approved Lubricants - 29/08/2014

Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series – Advancing Productivity with HOCNF-Approved Lubricants

ExxonMobils NEMS registered hydraulic fluids demonstrate energy-efficiency

  • Approvals received following extensive and rigorous testing
  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series engineered to address the lubrication demands of high-pressure offshore hydraulic equipment
  • Series has demonstrated 6 percent improvement in hydraulic efficiency under both controlled laboratory testing and controlled field testing

STAVANGER – In addition to meeting the Norwegian authorities’ latest environmental requirements, ExxonMobil’s’ Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series of energy-efficient* hydraulic oils address the demands of the latest hydraulic equipment, thanks to their formulation. They are widely used in the offshore exploration and production sector to meet the extreme lubrication demands of a new generation of high-pressure industrial appliances.

Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series hydraulic oils are Harmonised Offshore Chemicals Notification Format (HOCNF) approved. The lubricant series is now registered on the NEMS Chemicals® database, the Norwegian directory that hosts all HOCNF-approved fluids. HOCNF, the standard agreed by 15 European nations to regulate chemicals used in the offshore industry in the North Sea and the northeast Atlantic, seeks to mitigate the risk of spills and the overall impact of offshore chemicals on the marine environment.

Ayman Ali, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants’ Oil and Gas Marketing Advisor for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region, said, “ExxonMobil has a strong history of supporting the oil and gas industry in the Nordic region with pioneering hydraulic fluid technologies. It’s a significant milestone to have Mobil DTE 10 Excel hydraulic oils both HOCNF approved and registered in NEMSin Norway. This endorsement confirms that ExxonMobil can offer its Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series providing exceptional offshore equipment protection in a strict regulatory environment.”

The potential benefits of Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series that are of particular relevance for the oil and gas industry include increased hydraulic efficiency, long equipment life and excellent keep-clean performance. The increased efficiency translates into reduced power consumption or increased machine output, and financial savings. Under both controlled laboratory testing and controlled field testing, Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series oils demonstrated up to six percent improvement in hydraulic efficiency*.

The series also performs exceptionally in a wide range of extreme temperatures, thanks to the oil’s high Viscosity Index. At high temperatures, Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series’ stability provides maximum lubrication to help operators keep their oil and gas operations and equipment at peak output. Conversely, the series’ low-temperature pumpability means reliable starting and pump protection down to -40ºC (DTE 10 Excel 15 and 22).

The four viscosity grades of Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series hydraulic oils which have gained HOCNF registration in Norway include the company’s 15, 22, 32 and 46 grades.

For more information about Mobil SHC branded synthetic lubricants, or any other Mobil-branded products and services, visit

At ONS 2014 you can visit ExxonMobil at stand 348

Suretank launches world's first heated mud container - 29/08/2014

Suretank launches world's first heated mud container

Suretank, the world's leading provider of engineered solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry, has launched the world's first heated mud container.

Used for the transport and disposal of drill cuttings in the offshore oil and gas industry, the new container was developed in partnership with Norwegian company Onsite Treatment Technologies (OTT).

The heated mud container has all the standard features of an offshore mud skip and is fully certified to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079.

Donal Duggan, Group R&D Manager at Suretank, explained: "This is an extremely exciting development for us as it's the first of its kind and comes in response to an increasingly common problem as exploration moves to harsher environments. While operating in colder climates, the contents of the mud skips often become frozen and are rendered redundant for long periods of time. The heated mud container prevents this through a network of channels which allow heat to be input to the cargo, thereby thawing the contents sufficiently to empty the container."

"There is nothing like this currently available and we're seeing a lot of interest in the product from countries such as Canada, Russia and Norway", Donal continued.

OTT is a complete supplier of high pressure pumping equipment for offshore well intervention and well pumping operations. Commenting on the development Tore Rygh, Managing Director, from OTT said: "We have worked closely with Suretank throughout the development from concept to completion and we are delighted with the finished product. It's a fantastic example of the type of engineered solutions offered by Suretank to practical problems."

Suretank is the world’s largest manufacturer of tanks and cargo-carrying units for the offshore oil and gas industry and all of its products are produced to DNV 2.7-1 certification as standard.

Suretank products are found worldwide, including the North Sea, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Caspian, Sakhalin, India, Australia, Middle East and the Far East. Its product range includes chemical and acid tanks, helifuel tanks, offshore containers, baskets, mudskips and cryogenic tanks

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Eni starts production at DEKA Project in Egypt - 25/08/2014

Eni starts production at DEKA Project in Egypt

The project’s peak production is expected by 1Q 2015 with a total gross gas rate of about 6.5 million cubic meters per day.

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 21 August 2014 – Eni, through its affiliate Ieoc Production BV and in joint venture with BP Egypt, started production from the DEKA project (Denis-Karawan) through the new subsea well Denise South 6 at a gas rate of 1.8 million cubic meters per day and associated condensates of about 800 barrels per day.
The DEKA Project envisages the development of gas discoveries by means of the drilling of 5 subsea wells, the installation of subsea production systems together with sealines and gas processing at the El Gamil Gas Plant onshore.
The project’s peak production is expected by 1Q 2015 with a total gross gas rate of about 6.5 million cubic meters per day.
The Denise South 6 is the first development well of the DEKA Project located in the Temsah Concession Area, in the offshore Nile Delta, Egypt. The well is located approximately 65 Km north of Port Said, in a 100 meters water depth.
IEOC holds 50% working interest in the Temsah Concession and operates through its JV Petrobel (50% IEOC and 50% EGPC).
Eni has been present in Egypt since 1954 and is the largest international energy player in the country. In 2013, the Company’s oil and natural gas equity production averaged approximately 228 thousands boed.

Schneider Electric showcase the holy grail of Intelligent Building Solutions at the Energy Event - 25/08/2014

Schneider Electric showcase the holy grail of Intelligent Building Solutions at the Energy Event

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in Energy Management will be showcasing its innovative intelligent buildings solutions atThe Energy Event, taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on 16 – 17 September 2014.
As part of the event, the company will be demonstrating key solutions able to deliver a truly intelligent building or estate on its stand (Hall 3 D10 –E09). Whether through new build, upgrade, refurb or extend, Schneider Electric have the solution for you.
The stand has been designed to take visitors on a journey of discovery and enlightenment in the arduous quest to achieve the truly intelligent building starting withSmartStruxure™ Lite solution. The fast-to-fit, intelligent building management solution, complete with wireless technology, is the ideal retrofit system for small to medium buildings.
Steve Harris, Director for Schneider Electric, comments: “SmartStruxure Lite is the perfect solution to help building managers to control their property’s energy consumption, while maintaining a healthy and productive environment and also offers access to building systems from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor, measure and optimise a building throughout its lifecycle.”
Next to be introduced is SmartStruxure™ Solution powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software, for larger buildings and estates. Experts from Schneider Electric will be demonstrating the integrated approach which aids the exchange and analysis of data from power, lighting, electrical distribution, fire safety and HVAC.
In addition, the stand will also showcase Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring Expert software, which enables end-users to see, measure and manage critical energy data. It is designed to improve operational efficiency, maximise the power distribution system and improve any businesses bottom line. The solution’s real-time monitoring, alarms and power quality analysis functionality helps customers to avoid critical conditions that can lead to costly equipment failures.
Continuing the journey, the company will be displaying its integrated light and building control solutions, plus Facility Insight, for small to medium buildings – which will help end-users to manage the maintenance of key areas within a building. Furthermore, Energy Operation software –provides energy consumption data will be available to view and demonstrate. Drawing the journey to its end is Resource Advisor, a comprehensive software-as-a-service platform which provides energy and environmental reporting at your finger tips.
Steve Harris from Schneider Electric, adds: “The Energy Event is always an exceptionally successful event for the company. We look forward to showcasing the innovative intelligent building solutions on offer from Schneider Electric that enable our customers to have greater insight into how their building is functioning, as well as reducing their overheads and lowering their carbon emissions.”

Competentia Appoints Group CEO - 25/08/2014

Competentia Appoints Group CEO

Competentia today announced the appointment of Geir Egil Olsen as CEO of the group with effect from 22 September 2014.
Geir (49), a graduate of UIS in Stavanger, holds degrees in electrical engineering, business administration and petroleum technology. He has had an international career within the oil and gas services industry, predominantly with Schlumberger, having held operational, sales and management roles in Scandinavia, UK and the Middle East.
Commenting on the appointment, John Smith, Chairman of Competentia said:
“We are delighted to have Geir on board as we enter the next phase of growth for the company. The recent acquisition of Argonauta in the US and the establishment of the company in Canada are further steps in our strategy to build a network to support our customers, the international oil and gas operators, in the fulfillment of their projects globally. The balance sheet is strong and we have capacity for further organic growth and growth through acquisition.
Geir will be charged with leading the development of that strategy. n particular we will be looking to consolidate and grow our businesses in Norway, the UK and to realise the potential of the relationships built by Argonauta with US based IOCs”.
“Competentia has been through a rapid growth over the last few years, and I am honoured to have been chosen to lead the company,” said Geir Egil, who resides in Stavanger with his family. “The opportunities for Competentia are unlimited, but we must maintain focus and continue to deliver to our clients’ satisfaction.”
Competentia, a former winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, was established in 1998. After a change of ownership in 2006 the company has grown to be a major global supplier of experienced project Management and engineering personnel with revenue of over NOK 1.2 billion in 2013. The company’s services are primarily provided to leading oil and gas companies in Europe, Africa, America and Asia Pacific, by Competentia’s business units in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Trinidad, USA and the UK.

Pulse hired to support Total's drilling at Martin Linge - 25/08/2014

Pulse hired to support Total's drilling at Martin Linge

Pulse has been awarded a contract with Total E&P Norge AS to provide a real time integrity monitoring system, to measure platform displacement during drilling operations.

The two-year contract, with a two-year extension option, will support Total’s development drilling activities on the Martin Linge field in the Norwegian North Sea. Drilling will be conducted with the ultra-harsh-environment jack-up rig, the Maersk Intrepid.

The Pulse system consists of INTEGRIpodTM motion data loggers on the jack-up cantilever and the jacket to measure the relative motion of the structures. All the sensors will be hardwired to a Pulse operator station, which will display key information in real time.

Engineers will use the system to calibrate the global conductor fatigue model and the expected jack-up and jacket motions based on in-field data. Ultimately, the system will help to confirm conductor performance during drilling operations.

Eivind Vethe, Pulse business development manager for Norway, said, “This is a fantastic contract win for Pulse that strengthens our position in the Norwegian market. As the leading provider of drilling riser and wellhead fatigue monitoring systems in the North Sea region, we consider Norway to be a key growth territory. We opened an office in Bergen in Q4 2013, and this contract, our first with Total E&P Norge, is part of our growing initiative to serve new customers in Norway, through a strong focus on delivering high-quality integrity monitoring systems.”

Petrofac Board changes - 25/08/2014

Petrofac, the international oil & gas facilities service provider, today announces that Norman Murray, who has been Chairman since May 2011, has resigned from the Board and will step down as Chairman with immediate effect for compassionate reasons.
Senior Independent Director, Rijnhard van Tets, will assume the role of Chairman with effect from today. Rijnhard was appointed as a Non-executive Director in May 2007 and became Senior Independent Director in May 2011. Non-executive Director, Thomas Thune Andersen, will become Senior Independent Director.
Norman Murray commented: “It is with tremendous sadness that I step down from the Board. I would like to thank my Board colleagues for their support during my tenure and their understanding of my current situation. I leave Petrofac in good shape and the Board in Rijnhard’s experienced and capable hands.”
Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive, commented: "I would like to thank Norman for leading the Board so effectively for the last three years. Whilst it is with great sadness that we accept his resignation, we understand his reasons and our thoughts and best wishes remain with him and his family.
“I am pleased that we have appointed Rijnhard who is an experienced Chairman and whose knowledge and understanding of the Petrofac Group will hold us in good stead as we move forward. I look forward to working with Rijnhard and the rest of the Board as we continue to grow and strengthen our business."

Santos reports $258 million underlying first-half profit and 33% increase in interim dividend - 25/08/2014

Santos reports $258 million underlying first-half profit and 33% increase in interim dividend

Santos today announced a higher first half underlying profit after tax and a significant increase in the interim dividend following the successful start-up of the PNG LNG project, which commenced production ahead of schedule in April.
Santos Chairman, Ken Borda, said the start-up of PNG LNG and receipt of first cash from the project had enabled the company to substantially increase returns to shareholders through a 33% increase in the interim dividend to 20 cents per share fully franked.
The 2014 first half result reflects record sales revenue driven by higher crude oil and LNG sales volumes, and higher oil and gas prices, offset by the previously announced non-cash impairment of the company’s Indonesian coal-seam gas assets, and higher cost of sales, exploration expense and net finance costs.
Excluding net impairments and other one-off items, underlying net profit was up 3% to $258 million.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, David Knox, said: “The first half of 2014 saw Santos achieve its highest oil production in six years, record sales revenue and strong operating cash flow.”
“We have set the foundation for a stronger second half.
“PNG LNG is producing at full capacity, and GLNG is more than 85% complete and on track to start-up next year, within budget.
"We remain focussed on growing shareholder returns as the company’s earnings and cash flows increase,” Mr Knox said.
All guidance for 2014 is maintained.

First half highlights

  • PNG LNG start-up ahead of schedule in April with the project producing at full capacity by late-July.  Santos received its first cash from the project in July.
  • Peluang start-up ahead of schedule in March
  • GLNG more than 85% complete and on track for first LNG in 2015, within budget
  • Interim dividend up 33% to 20 cents per share fully franked
  • Sales revenue up 25% to $1.9 billion
  • EBITDAX up 13% to $950 million
  • Net profit after tax of $206 million includes previously advised $67 million after tax impairment
  • Underlying profit after tax up 3% to $258 million
  • Operating cash flow up 18% to $744 million

Significant gas-condensate discovery at Lasseter in the Browse Basin - 25/08/2014

Significant gas-condensate discovery at Lasseter in the Browse Basin

Santos today announced a significant gas-condensate discovery at the Lasseter-1 exploration well in WA-274-P, located in the Browse Basin offshore Western Australia.
The Lasseter-1 well is located approximately 35 kilometres east-southeast of Santos’ Crown discovery and 480 kilometres north-northeast of Broome. The water depth at location is 404 metres. The well reached a total depth of 5,329 metres measured depth relative to rotary table (MDRT).
The well intersected a gross gas condensate bearing interval of 405 metres. Wireline logging to date has confirmed 78 metres of net pay over the Jurassic-aged Lower Vulcan and Plover intervals, between 4,880 and 5,285 metres MDRT.
This interpretation has been confirmed by pressure and sample data. The samples confirm excellent mobility in the higher porosity sands in the Lower Vulcan. Multiple independent hydrocarbon columns are interpreted, including an estimated 250 metre column for the Lower Vulcan reservoirs.
Multiple hydrocarbon samples have been recovered and the initial analysis confirms a condensate to gas ratio in the range of 10-25 bbls/mmscf and inerts consistent with proximal field gas compositions and pre-drill expectations.
The well will now be plugged and abandoned as planned.
Santos’ Head of Exploration, Bill Ovenden, described Lasseter-1 as an important gas discovery for the company.
“Lasseter is a material discovery that adds to our strong position in the Browse, following our success with the Crown discovery in 2012.”
“The Lasseter discovery is well positioned, in close proximity to existing and proposed LNG projects in the Browse Basin and other material Santos joint venture exploration prospects. The Lower Vulcan reservoir system, which is optimally developed between the Ichthys and Poseidon structural trends, holds great promise,” Mr Ovenden said.
Santos holds a 30% interest in WA-274-P and is the operator. Joint venture partners are Chevron (50%) and INPEX (20%).

Plains All American Announces Plans to Construct Pipeline from Cushing to Memphis - 25/08/2014

Plains All American Announces Plans to Construct Pipeline from Cushing to Memphis

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (NYSE: PAA) today announced it will construct the Diamond Pipeline, a 440-mile, 20-inch crude oil pipeline that will provide capacity of up to 200,000 barrels per day of domestic sweet crude from the Plains Cushing, Okla. terminal to the Valero Memphis Refinery, and the ability to access Valero Energy Partner's Collierville pipeline.

The total project investment is expected to be approximately $900 million and is expected to be completed in late 2016.  The Diamond Pipeline project is underpinned by a long-term shipping agreement with Valero and a related contract for storage and terminalling services at the Plains Cushing Terminal. Valero holds an option until January 2016 to become a partner in the Diamond Pipeline and purchase a 50 percent interest. Construction of the pipeline will enhance the refinery's long-term ability to produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for the greater Memphis and eastern Arkansas area.  Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. is a publicly traded master limited partnership that owns and operates midstream energy infrastructure and provides logistics services for crude oil, natural gas liquids ("NGL"), natural gas and refined products. 

PAA owns an extensive network of pipeline transportation, terminalling, storage and gathering assets in key crude oil and NGL producing basins and transportation corridors and at major market hubs in the United States and Canada. On average, PAA handles over 3.5 million barrels per day of crude oil and NGL on its pipelines. PAA is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

North Atlantic Drilling announces acquisition of land drilling rigs in Russia - 25/08/2014

North Atlantic Drilling announces acquisition of land drilling rigs in Russia

North Atlantic Drilling Ltd. ("NADL" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed whereby NADL will purchase a significant portion of Rosneft?s land drilling fleet in Russia. Approximately 150 rigs will be acquired along with an award of new 5 year contracts with Rosneft for these units.
Following the preliminary Investment and Cooperation announcement in May and the completion of the binding offshore contracts in July, NADL today has agreed to acquire a significant portion of Rosneft's land drilling fleet. Rosneft will receive as consideration an approximate 30% stake in NADL by receiving primary shares at the price agreed upon in May of US$9.25 per share, with the balance being paid to NADL in cash. Following the transaction Seadrill Limited will continue to own more than 50% of NADL.
The transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter of this year. According to the agreement, any break rights expire after 77 days. Upon closing Rosneft will be entitled to appoint two of seven Board seats on NADL's Board of Directors.
This binding agreement is consistent with the provisions of the Investment and Cooperation Agreement between Seadrill, NADL and Rosneft announced on May 24, 2014.
Alf Ragnar Lovdal, Chief Executive Officer of NADL says in a comment, "We are very pleased with the execution of this important transaction and welcome Rosneft as an equity partner and to our Board of Directors."

Honeywell’s UOP Technology To Clean Offshore Natural Gas In The UK - 25/08/2014

Honeywell’s UOP Technology To Clean Offshore Natural Gas In The UK

Honeywell’s UOP was selected by BW Offshore, leading global provider of floating production services to the oil and gas industry, to remove contaminants from natural gas aboard a new Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) vessel off the coast of Scotland.
The vessel will include a UOP SeparexTM Membrane System to remove carbon dioxide. UOP Separex technology upgrades natural gas streams by removing carbon dioxide and water vapor –  contaminants that must be removed to meet the quality standards specified by pipeline transmission and distribution companies as well as natural gas end users. Separex membranes eliminate the need for solvents, which could spill and damage the marine ecosystem.

UOP guard bed adsorbents will also be used to remove mercury and hydrogen sulfide, which must be removed to meet export and end-user specifications and protect downstream equipment. UOP guard bed adsorbents allow trace amounts of sulfur or mercury to be removed. They provide reliable protection for downstream equipment and consistently meet pipeline gas specifications, with no moving parts and no operator intervention.

“UOP is continually innovating to create lightweight, compact, chemical-free equipment that is ideal for the complex offshore gas environment,” said Rebecca Liebert, senior vice president and general manager of Honeywell’s UOP Gas Processing and Hydrogen business unit. “By integrating UOP Separex membrane technology and guard bed adsorbents into a single system, we are able to create a solution that improves gas processing efficiency while reducing operating costs for FPSO operators.”

2H Offshore Secures Riser Engineering for Total’s Kaombo Block 32 Project - 25/08/2014

2H Offshore Secures Riser Engineering for Total’s Kaombo Block 32 Project

2H Offshore has been pioneering riser analysis, design and engineering for more than 20 years and with this capability and experience, 2H will perform part of the detailed engineering of the 18 Single Top Tensioner Risers (STTRs) selected for the Kaombo development. 2H will work closely with HMC as a part of an integrated design team, with 2H responsible for the engineering of the Buoyancy Tank, Upper Riser Assembly and Lower Riser Assembly packages together with Global Analysis and Systems Engineering of the risers.
2H Offshore Secures Riser Engineering for Total’s Kaombo Block 32 Project
2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has been appointed by Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) to engineer hybrid risers for Total’s Kaombo Block 32 project. HMC, together with consortium partner Technip, were awarded the contract for the EPCI and pre-commissioning of the SURF scope for the Kaombo development by Total. 

The Kaombo development, located offshore Angola in water depths extending from 1425m to 1925m, will include the Gindungo, Gengibre, Canela, Louro, Mostarda west and Caril fields tied back to two turret-moored FPSOs. The selected concept consists of a number of production loops with one insulated production riser and one non-insulated service riser per field. Water injection risers will also be required.

The project is currently in the detailed engineering stage with 2H also contracted to support HMC through the procurement, fabrication and installation phases.

Alex Rimmer, director of 2H’s Woking office, said “2H is proud and excited to be engineering the risers for the largest subsea field development project in the world. This award and other recent awards confirm 2H as the leading contractor for the engineering, design and analysis of a range of production riser technologies including hybrid, steel catenary, top tensioned and flexible riser systems. With a history of working together, we look forward to engaging with HMC on this and future projects.” 

2H Offshore appoints Paul Hopkins to support Norway growth ahead of ONS 2014 - 25/08/2014

Paul Hopkins

2H Offshore appoints Paul Hopkins to support Norway growth ahead of ONS 2014

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has appointed Paul Hopkins as principal engineer, to develop 2H Offshore’s growing client base in Norway.

Hopkins worked for 2H Offshore from 2001 - 2006 on a diverse range of riser projects, including Exxon’s Kizomba A and B developments and BP’s Shah Deniz project. Hopkins then worked for two subsea engineering contractors, developing experience in concept selection and detailed design, with a strong focus on risers, subsea pipelines and structures.

Alex Rimmer, director of 2H Offshore’s London office, said, “Paul is a strong addition to the 2H team, with a wealth of offshore experience and problem solving skills. He will take primary responsibility for 2H’s clients in Norway to further strengthen our presence and our client support capabilities in the region. Additionally, Paul will use his extensive technical expertise to support the UK engineering team in executing exciting and technically challenging riser and conductor engineering projects, which were recently awarded to 2H in Norway and beyond.”

Hopkins commented, “I am delighted to return to 2H, and I look forward to the many opportunities ahead to further grow 2H Offshore’s business in Norway.”

Hopkins will meet existing and prospective clients at ONS 2014 in Stavanger, Norway, 25 - 28 August. Additional representatives from 2H Offshore at ONS will include Alex Rimmer, director, Cary Griffin, Aberdeen technical manager, and Jeremy Cowell, business development manager.

Petrobas confirm the potential of Moita Bonita area in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin - 25/08/2014

Petrobas confirm the potential of Moita Bonita area in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin
Petrobras announces that drilling of the third well in the area of ​​Moita Bonita, in Concession BM-SEAL-10, in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, proved the extension of the discovery of gas and light oil in that area, as disclosed to the market on 24 August 2012.
This well, informally known as Moita Bonita 3 (3-BRSA-1244-SES / SES-3-182), is the second extension well drilled in the area and is located 82 km from the coast of Sergipe, about 5 km the Moita Bonita discovery well 1-BRSA-1088-SES (1-SES-168) and d'depth of 2790 meters water.
During drilling was found the existence of reservoirs with a thickness of 40 meters, with good permeability and porosity conditions, confirming the expectations of the project. After completion of drilling yet been performed a formation test which confirmed the presence of 41 API oil and good productivity of the reservoir.
The Moita Bonita accumulation integrates the development program of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin in deep waters.
Petrobras, operator of BM-SEAL-10, with 100% participation will continue the activities planned in the area.

Present documents to TCU - 25/08/2014

Present documents to TCU

Please be advised that on Thursday (21/08/2014), in anticipation of a formal request from the Court of Auditors - TCU, voluntarily presented to that Court all documents evidencing the donation of three buildings processes performed by President Grace Foster in favor of their children.
Such documentation includes, among others, assessments of the properties, obtaining of certificates, check the value of the costs and applicable taxes, preparation of drafts of scripture and its subsequent formalization and competent real estate records.
As already reported in clarification of August 20, 2014 , the documentation delivered to TCU proves that such processes were regular donation and started in June 2013, well before the aforementioned decision of July 23, 2014, referring to the process of refinery Pasadena.
We stress that all manifestations of technical reports during the process in reference to the Court, including the decision of July 2014, was not mentioned the name of President Grace Foster.

Drilling permit for well 7125/4-3 in production licence 393 B - 25/08/2014

Drilling permit for well 7125/4-3 in 

production licence 393 B

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted Statoil Petroleum AS a drilling permit for well 7125/4-3, cf. Section 8 of the Resource Management Regulations.

Well 7125/4-3 will be drilled from the Transocean Spitsbergen drilling facility at position 71°30'56.40" north and 25°12'56.70" east.
The drilling programme for well 7125/4-3 relates to drilling of a wildcat well in production licence 393 B. Statoil Petroleum AS is the operator with an ownership interest of 50 per cent. The other licensees are Petoro AS (20 per cent), Concedo ASA (20 per cent) and OMV (Norge) AS (10 per cent). The area in this licence consists of parts of block 7125/4 and 7125/5. The well will be drilled about 110 kilometres northeast of Hammerfest.
Production licence 393 B was awarded on 10 September 2010 (follow up to the 19th licensing round on the Norwegian shelf). This is the first well to be drilled in the licence.
The permit is contingent upon the operator securing all other permits and consents required by other authorities prior to commencing drilling activities.

EPNG Havasu natural gas lateral reopens Friday after leak repairs - 25/08/2014

EPNG Havasu natural gas lateral reopens Friday after leak repairs

El Paso Natural Gas completed repairs on a leak at its Havasu lateral (Line 1140) and lifted a force majeure early Friday morning, according to a notice on the pipeline's bulletin board.

The notice said El Paso would be flowing starting at Cycle 3 for Friday's gas day.

The outage, which began Wednesday, shut in 650,000 Mcf/d of capacity, which spokesman Richard Wheatley said was rerouted on El Paso's system while the line was closed for repairs.

While the force majeure was in effect, TransColorado outflows to Blanco, New Mexico, increased 28%, to 323,000 Mcf/d Friday from 254,000 Mcf/d Wednesday, said Bentek Energy's Rockies analyst Stephanie Seales.

Outflow gains were constrained by TransColorado's Mancos compressor, in Montezuma County, Colorado, which has an observed capacity of 366,000 Mcf/d, Seales noted Friday morning.

"Prior to the unplanned outage, month-to-date flows through Mancos averaged 311,000 Mcf/d," Seales said, pointing out that cash prices at the White River Hub were up 6 cents during the force majeure.

Bentek Energy is a unit of Platts.

Pemex says miscalcuation leads to slashed crude output - 25/08/2014

Pemex says miscalcuation leads to slashed crude output

Mexican state Pemex has revised its annual production target for the year to 2.35 million b/d from 2.44 million b/d, its lowest level for three decades, the oil and natural gas monopoly said Friday.

January-through-July production data has been reduced by 126,000 b/d, or 5%, because of miscalculations by antiquated measuring equipment, Pemex said. 

Water had been counted as oil in the calculations, it added.

Dynegy to nearly double size of power fleet under two separate deals - 25/08/2014

Dynegy to nearly double size of power fleet under two separate deals

US merchant generator Dynegy will nearly double the amount of capacity it owns under two separate deals that will see it acquire power plants from Illinois to Massachusetts. 

The company on Friday said it has struck agreements to buy about 6,400 MW of generation assets from Energy Capital Partners for $3.45 billion and about 6,100 MW in generation assets from Duke Energy for $2.8 billion, it said Friday. 

Dynegy's Duke deal also includes Duke's competitive retailing business in Ohio.

Dynegy said that under its agreement with Energy Capital Partners it will acquire plants held by ECP's EquiPower Resources and Brayton Point Holdings units -- the Milford, Lake Road, Dighton, Masspower, Liberty, Elwood, Richland, Stryker, Kincaid and Brayton Point plants in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The Duke portfolio Dynegy has agreed to buy includes the Killen, Stuart, Conesville, Miami Fort, Zimmer, Hanging Rock, Washington, Fayette, Lee and Dicks Creek stations in Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania, Dynegy said.

"Upon closing both transactions, Dynegy will own nearly 26,000 MW of generating capacity nationally and provide retail electricity to residents and businesses in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan," it said in a statement. 

Dynegy President and CEO Robert Flexon said the addition of the Energy Capital Partners and Duke portfolios "transforms Dynegy by adding considerable scale in the PJM and New England markets."

Dynegy said that of 12,500 MW being acquired, "5,053 MW are modern combined-cycle natural gas plants and 3,793 MW are environmentally compliant coal generation plants."

The company said it will honor Energy Capital Partners' commitment to close the coal-fired Brayton Point station in Massachusetts by May 2017.

Both agreements must receive regulatory approvals, and the companies hope to close on the deals by the end of next year's first quarter.